Vacation in Washington D.C

12 Oct 2014

I just got back from a vacation trip to Washington D.C. It is a faboulus city to visit. So much to see and do that it is hard to get everyting in during a short time. I will list the best experiences I had when visiting there and give tips of what not to miss in this post.

You can get around great in Washington by foot. We lived close to Dupont Circle and could walk pretty much every where. If it is to far for you to walk any where, D.C. is an Uber town.


In D.C. there are a lot of museums and monuments that are runned by the Smithsonian. There slogan is “Seriously amazing” and that is what they deliver as well. The Smithsonian is an institution runned by the goverment. They have a bunch of museums and monuments in D.C. We visited some of them and I can really recommend the National Museum of Natural History and the National Air and Space Museum.

The Space museum was great and covers everything from the Wright brothers up to the March exhibitions. Lots to read and see for all us nerds out there.

Unfourtunatly the NMoNH was renovating their T-Rex exhibit when we visited but on the other hand that gives me a great excuse to come back to D.C. again.

Washington Capitals

Sports is one of my big interests and we were in Washington for the first game of NHL season. I didn’t want to miss this and my wife was actually up for it as well. I realised this when we were in Washington so I hadn’t bought tickets ahead of time or anything.

Getting tickets for sport events in the U.S is easy. Everything is available at Ticketmaster. I bought tickets the same day and got very good seats for about $150. I bought tickets that someone else was reselling which usually means that you can get good seats a little bit cheaper then you otherwise would.

The atmosphere on NHL is very different from sports events in europe. There are no hard core fans in the U.S which means that during the game there are almost no cheers and definatly no tifos. Most visitors have gear to support there teams. We bought two t-shirts to blend in. Of course we got the big swedish name in the capitals on our back, Nicklas Bäckström.

We saw this game and it was an ok game. Andre Burakovsky made his debut and also scored his first goal in the NHL.

Crime and punishment

This was the best museum that we visited when in D.C. It covers the crime history of the U.S and let me tell you, it is a lot. This is not a Smithsonian museum so it is not free to enter. The price for 1 adult is $21. If you get the audio guide it is $5 extra, don’t get it I found it to be a waste of money.

Besides the audio guide not being the best I really recommend going here. Well worth the entrance fee in my opinon.


We had the fourtune to know a few people living in D.C. so we got taken to a couple of great restaurants. I would recommend the following to people if I was asked.


Located close to Dupont Circle. This is an italian restaurant with lots of seafood on the menu. Had some really nice scallops here and really enjoyed it. You should try it if you are in D.C. Was quite a lot of people here so might need to have a reservation if you want to be sure to get a table.

Farmers, Fishers and Bakers

Located in the Waterfront area of D.C and is a good restaurant if you want to eat food made from locally produced stuff. This restaurant is like our friend said a “1 meal per day restaurant”. We went here at around 03:00 PM and didnt have any more to eat that day. Good service and good food.

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