Get up and running with Go Lang using Vagrant

18 Oct 2014

I have started to do some work with Go lang recently and having sevral different GOPATH:s is a bit messy. So I decided to look into having a virtual dev environment.

I have used Vagrant before and enjoy working with it so I created a Vagrantfile for it that makes it possible to have different setups of go projects but be isolated from eachother.

How to use it:

  • Install Vagrant
  • Copy it to your local folder that you want to use for your GOPATH.
  • Run vagrant up to setup the virtual machine including installing GO and setting the correct environmental variables.
  • Use vagrant ssh to ssh into the machine
  • Doing cd $GOPATH will take you to the shared folder with your host machine.
  • Start coding

I decided to go this way since I like to use my local machine where I have all my editors and helpers setup just the way I like it. Hope that it will help you and feel free to change it anyway you like.

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