Leaving EPiServer

12 May 2015

Today was my last whole working day as an EPiServer Employee. It has been a fun and very interesting journey I have been on these last three years. Selling your company like we did is something that I will never forget. I feel that I have been a big driver for change at EPiServer. When I now leave the company I feel that I have more lovers then haters even thou I have constantly been bugging people on why they do stuff the way they do it. I feel that EPiServer R&D is better now then when I came and that is something that I am proud to say.

With the latest development and new management coming in I feel that EPiServers future doesn’t align with my own and I feel that it is time to move on. I feel that I can do this with a good feeling as well. EPiServer Find is in great hands with the team I am leaving behind me. Knowledge has spread over the last three years and I feel comfortable that they will be able to take Find to new heights even after my departure.


I am joining Klarna in a few weeks and I am very optimistic about that. I feel that I will get the chance to grow there. Klarna is a fast paced and quickly growing company that according to all accounts that I have heard really embraces change. I should fit right in..

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